5. Wellbeing at workplace – health promotion and types of stress in Southern Transdanubia

Berke Szilárd, Schmidt Marcell, Kőműves Zsolt

The effectiveness of organizations is decisively influenced by the satisfaction and wellbeing of employees. We examined in this study how workplace motivational tools affect the wellbeing and effectiveness of employees, what causes stress and what kind of solutions can be used to improve the atmosphere at workplace, and which type of elements are presented in workplace health promotion. 157 evaluable responses were received using the online questionnaire. The questions related to the survey were published online, using the Google Forms system. Based on the replies of the questionnaire it can be stated that the majority of the respondents are not familiar with the concept of health promotion. A sense of wellbeing is enhanced by increased wages, esteem and extra cash rewards. If the atmosphere at workplace is more pleasant, calmer, more balanced, it will clearly lead to better satisfaction, they said. Most of stress is caused by the high workload, ensuring customer satisfaction, and the wrong relationship with the managers. 55% of respondents said they do not like working in their current workplace.

Keywords: wellbeing, stress, human resource management

Jel codes: M14, M54