6. Labor retention in the domestic SME sector in Somogy county

Kőműves Zsolt, Berke Szilárd

Companies face many new challenges as a result of ever-changing HR trends. One of the most significant problems in recent years has been the ever-changing workforce. Employee loyalty is no longer a matter of course, it must be actively pursued. The root of the problems often goes back to recruitment, as many employers try to attract the workforce by “beautifying” the job advertisement, focus on creating a better image of the organization. Many times we encounter that recruitment was not adequately prepared, not enough attention was paid to select the right workforce. However, it is also important to emphasize that it is not enough to get the workforce, you need to be able to keep it as well. In our questionnaire research, we have examined how the recruitment process takes place, what steps have been taken to ensure employees to remain being committed and to stay loyal to their employer.

Based on the results, we can conclude that employers know and apply labor retention methods. The most commonly used procedures were longer learning times, involvement in decisions, organization of trainings, or just job rotation.

Keywords: HR trends, labor retention, motivation, SME sector

Jel code: M54