About the journal

About the journal

Region Research Review is a scientific journal which is published online once a year since 2016. Institution of Management and Organizational Sciences has been launched the journal, by taking over the series of essay volumes entitled “Interdisciplinarity in Region Research” of the Hajdú Bihar County Archives of the National Archives of Hungary, in order to give a broad publicity for the scientific work of researchers of different disciplines.

The journal entitled Region Research Review designates a stressed role for the announcements written in topics of management and organizational sciences, published at the University of Debrecen, especially at the Faculty of Economics and Business. The journal principally publishes scientific announcements, research results, critical summaries, studies, primarily social sciences, sports sciences, management sciences and its different fields: from the topics of management, human resource management, knowledge management, organizational culture, change management etc. as well as humanities.

The journal does not accept republication, we receive only first publication.

We have arranged the editorial board and scientific committee of the new scientific journal so that, in one respect, operative (newspaper editing) specialists, on the other hand, scientifically recognized experts can take part in it.

The journal is a peer-reviewed open access journal. Accordingly, we electronically publish the studies submitted and accepted for publication once a year, for which we do not require procedural fees. Articles, studies published on the website are freely downloadable, copied, distributed, searchable, and referenced, with the exact identification of the original source.

All of our articles and Issues are available in the following repositories: University of Debrecen Electronic Archive (DEA).