1. Testing the employee performance prediction capability of selection tests

Czine Péter

We can find several studies about employees performance in the management literature, but it remains an interesting topic in researches in the future, due to the increasing worldwide labour shortage. Finding the suitable employees is becoming more prominent among companies due to the increasing competition.

The main aim of this study is to test the capability of selection tests (ability, readiness, competence tests) to predict employee performance. In order to answer this question employees (N=50) from a Debrecen based company in service sector have been analysed. General intelligence and conflict handling style have been estimated, as well as the evaluation of the employees by their supervisors. Some biographical data were used as control variables. The statistical analysis was based on descriptive statistics and multivariate, linear regression models.

Based on the results we can concluded that being a female, having a university degree or the 1-3 years of employment at the company were in positive relationship with the employees communication skills significantly; the conflict handling style ’problemsolver’ tended to increase the expected value of the problem-solving skills; general intelligence was positively connected to the expected level of the measured job-specific skills; while no significant linear relationship was detected between in MS Office skills and other variables.

Keywords: Employee performance, Employee selection, Measurement and evaluation, Competences


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/2019/1/1