10. Is an education programme based on social innovation sustainable?

Varga Krisztina, Kucsma Daniella

Social sustainability is a key concept that can be identified as an important factor in the processes supporting the satisfaction of the current needs of humanity and the preservation of the environment and natural resources for future generations. Social innovation initiatives are solutions that support a sustainable future and can be suitable for mitigating differences at the regional level, increasing regional competitiveness, and helping to catch up. The reduction and elimination of educational inequalities requires long-term solutions that require innovative cooperation between the actors of society. Within the framework of the study, we examine the examples of social innovation efforts in education and the effects of these practices, during which we pay special attention to issues of social sustainability. Our goal is to present social innovation programs and good practices that can be identified as equalizing education solutions and can be adapted and sustained in order to increase well-being while taking into account local needs and demands as well as the characteristics of the given community. Within the framework of the study, the examined good practices are presented in a structured form, emphasizing the key elements that ensure social sustainability.

Keywords: social innovation, sustainability, educational program, good practice

JEL Codes: O35, I24, Q01