2. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on different areas of life in Hungary (work, private life, health and mental state)

Vida Viktória, Popvics Péter András

The COVID-19 epidemic had an enormous impact on the entire world, including the Hungarian population. The situation was accompanied by numerous new restrictions, strict regulations, and their consequences had to be dealt with, which also affected the life of everyone. Therefore, it was considered that it would be worthwhile to assess the different reactions to this situation among the population, what effects the people had to face and whether there was a change in their lives. The opinions of respondents  on different areas of life was surveyed, such as private life, changes in personal relationships, introduction of changes in workplace habits, and the effects on health and mental state. Also the survey intended to reveal newly developed good and bad habits. The survey method was a questionnaire-based survey, which was delivered to the respondents online (n=362). The results obtained from the sample were evaluated, subjected to descriptive statistical analysis, and then crosstabs were performed based on background variables (gender, age, educational attainment, occupation, and income) to present correlations. The results of the sample are not representative, but they properly represent and summarize the situation.

Keywords: COVID-19, impact of work, health, mood, relationships, habits, home office

JEL code: I12


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/21/1/2