2. Survey of the qualification of fitness trainers for group classes in fitness clubs in Debrecen

Bartha Éva, Pfau Christa, Szabóné Szőke Réka, Müller Anetta Éva, Bácsné Bába Éva

Fitness workouts  are easily accessible for everyone, and there are numerous types of fitness centers which can play an important role in everyday physical activity. There are many factors that can influence the choice of fitness consumers for the gym, also fitness professionals play a key role in this regard. It is essential for fitness clubs in order to remain competitive on the market, to employ fitness instructors with the optimal personality and expertise, but in many cases, there is a lack of verification of qualifications. In our study, we conducted interviews with 20 fitness instructors who work in a fitness center that offers group lessons to consumers. The interview included questions about trainers highest qualifications, qualifications related to trainer work and the extent to which this is monitored by their employers. Most of the interviewed trainers have OKJ qualifications, but the results reflect that fitness providers have not checked their qualifications at all before applying them. Controlling the qualifications be in the interest of fitness clubs, not only avoiding accidents, but also increasing attendance at group classes by employing reliable, excellent personal trainers.

Keywords: fitness club, fitness trainer, fitness programs, consumers

JEL Kód: Z20


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/21/2/2