2. Students from Cumania Maior in the Reformed College of Debrecen from 1588 to 1850

Éliás János

This paper’s aim is to demonstrate the presence of students from Cumania Maior in the Reformed College of Debrecen from 1588 to 1850. The five towns of this region are the following: Karcag, Kisújszállás, Kunmadaras, Kunhegyes and Túrkeve. The reason why this aspect must be researched is the geographical proximity and the influence of Debrecen, because the College controlled the mentioned towns’ education; moreover, the leaders of Cumania Maior are educated in the College, too. The list of these Cumanian students is not elaborated before, so further research is necessary and worthy. The paper introduces the presence of Cumania Maior in the education system, centered in Debrecen, and the students’ frequency, further lives and works of them. The research is based on Series Studiorum in schola Debrecina Helveticae Confessionis Addictorum and the database of János Bakóczi. The database, which was created from the former two, is completed with the individual towns’ Reformed Church records. There are 369 students whose data was put into a 17-column table, and this table was the base of the diagrams. After deducting conclusions, it is considered that the students of Cumania Maior were an essential part of this education-system which is shown in the students’ further lives.

Key words: Cumania Maior, students, Reformed College of Debrecen, Pre-Modern Age, reformed education history

Jel cod: B40