3. Investigation of factors affecting students ‘sports habits

Pfau Christa, Mészáros János

Nowadays, a health-conscious lifestyle has come to the fore, with one of their important components being leisure sports. In our research, we examined the sporting habits of Debrecen university students (n=178) and factors that may influence these habits, with an online questionnaire. We found out that 61% of respondents exercise regularly in their spare time. With the help of a four-point Likert scale, we examined how much influence the availability and quality of various sports services have on the students. The highest rating was given to having a friendly atmosphere (3.5), which is followed by good equipment and facilities (3.45). We analyzed how much they spend on their health and how willing they are to spend more on their health if they had more money. For non-sporting students, they more likely to be unsatisfied with their physical condition all the while they spend less on their health. Non-sporting students cited lack of time (3.49) as the greatest turn-off when questioned. A significant percentage of both groups (78.18% of sporting, 86.76% of non-sporting) would be willing to spend more on their health if they earned additional cash.

Keywords: sporting habits, university students, leisure sport

JEL code: I12


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/21/2/3