3. Introducing the social situation of Hajdú-Bihar County in numbers

Vida Viktória - Szűcs István

The aim of our study is to provide an overview of the social situation in Hajdú-Bihar County. Hajdú-Bihar County, the economic, educational, scientific and cultural center of the Northern Great Plain region. Its conditions are favorable for fulfilling its role, and it’s economic, educational, commercial, and cultural and health relations are significant beyond the national borders. In connection with Hajdú-Bihar County, it is important to mention the utilization of its logistics role and the role of the regional knowledge base. Debrecen city is the center of Hajdú-Bihar County, this is the second largest city in Hungary in terms of population. For decades Debrecen has been an outstanding role of Hajdú-Bihar County, and the city has a socio-economic impact on the whole region as a regional center. Among the above-mentioned impacts, this study focuses on the social impacts of Hajdú-Bihar County and the calculations based on local and national statistics to support and analyze this impact. The social impacts were examined primarily from a demographic point of view (population, gender, age and composition by educational level, qualifications, employment, income conditions) compared to previous years and national data.

Keywords: Hajdú-Bihar County, society, population, employment, income situation,

JEL code: R23


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/1/3