4. From the „just for the naked public good” drink to the Hungaricum; the faith of the pálinka

Harcsa Imre Milán

The study is show the way how the pálinka became a national treasure.  Going out to the traditions of distillation, showing the over-centuries-old, not always glorious past of the drink. As a result after the regime change the culture of pálinka consumption is changed as well.  While previously only regarded as peasants’ morning drink, today’s premium product has been upgraded thanks to the Pálinka Act and many other factors. From 2014 onwards, every year, under the Excellence Program, the most excellent spirits are valued as “Country Tasting”. Regarding the beginning of distillation, the opinions differ significantly, however, regarding the preparation of concentrated beverages, we can speak about a thousand years of tradition. It is interesting to follow that – while the alcoholists were condemned in the 19th century, and the pálinka was called “just for the naked public good” drink – how it gained recognition and increased to “Hungaricum” rank.


Harcsa Milán

DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/2018/1/4