4. New standards in public administration? From the electronic communication to the electronic public administration

Szalóki István

The aim of my PHD research is to give a comprehensive picture of about the Hungarian electronic public administration’s legal regulation and its solutions by “exploring” the international legal regulation in the century of 21. I would like to pay particular attention to the changes generated by eGovernment, such as for example: the changes and development  in the persons’ role, rights and obligations. The question arises that when we speak of electronic procedure, we only emphasize one type of communication, a procedural feature, or a separate type of procedure. In the context of this essay, I would like to introduce my hypotheses and research aspects that have been discovered at the beginning of my research, and the more important concepts of the electronic public administration, which significantly determine the course and directions of my research progress. In this research first of all, I prepare my hipotesis, draft my researching aspects, furthermore at the hungarian law environment I analyse the electronic public administration’s concepts, such as basic principles, the electronic public administration’s persons and technical concepts.

Keywords: electronic public administration, Eüsztv., e-administration, SZEÜSZ, public administration procedure

JEL Codes: H83, K19, K23


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/20/1/4