5. Examination the information content of the notes to the financial statement through companies with different activities


The aim of the study is to present the infromation content of the notes to the financial statement using different types of companies. Companies must provide a realistic picture of their assets, financials and profitability position. It is necessary an integrated information system to evaluate the businesses. The data of the financial statement prepared by accounting act are historic, and they are about the past. These data are explained in notes to financial statement. This study investigates 15 notes to the financial statement considering the obligations declared in accounting act in case of different types of company. The companies are selected by expert sampling. The main activity of enterprises are food-retail, services and processing. Both of three scope of activities companies ‘s notes specific, that mostly the simplified financial statements include several deficiencies. The notes of the financial statements are fully compliance to the rules of the statutue. The reason of the differencies are the different market participants make a different expectation of the notes’s importance and preparation.

Kerezsi D_et_al

DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/2018/1/5