5. The presence of the social isolation on the homesteads of Hajdú-Bihar county

Orbán Szabolcs

The situation of those living on the homesteads has always been quite deprived, as they have to deal with a lot of obstacles every day, which is further aggravated by the fact that their social relations are typically low, which in many cases decreases with age as a result, social isolation with special characteristics may arise. The primary goal of my study was to assess the social isolation of the homestead inhabitants in Hajdú-Bihar County, and secondly, I sought the answer to what socio-demographic factors affect this objective state. The research was based on a survey conducted in all districts of the county, from the aggregated data of which it is possible to generalize to the degree of isolation of the homesteads. The results of the study show that every fifth homestead inhabitant of the study population can be considered socially isolated at some level.

Keywords: homestead, life on the homestead, social isolation, old, homestead janitors

JEL: Z00


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/20/2/5