7. The pressure of generational change on the successors in the family farms in Karcag

Kovács Éva Katalin, Pető Károly

Family farms have an important role in agriculture. It is a form of farming where the family can keep the acquired competence and wealth of the farm for several generations.Therefore the issue of generational change is becoming more and more important nowadays. However, generational changing can face a number of obstacles. One of the major obstacles to farm transfer can be if the family farm does not have a successor, who could carry on the family traditions. In practice, the State and the European Union too try to encourage young farmers to continue agricultural activity, but this is not too popular. In our survey, we were looking for the answer to how much psychological pressure there is on successors to take over their family farm, and how much this pressure depends on the size of the farm and the generation of successors. We conducted the questionnaire survey with family farms in Karcag where the issue of succession is actual. The results of the study based on the responses of the farmers surveyed, show that the successors do not feel the pressure of taking over the farm, but are rather proud to be able to continue on their family traditions.Keywords: generational change, pressure, family farmers, Karcag

JEL code: Z00


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/21/2/7