8. The place and role of Debrecen style honey cake at the the Folk Art Association of Hajdú – Bihar county

Hubert Erzsébet, Csapóné Riskó Tünde

Debrecen style honey cake making has been registered in 2014 in the collection of Hungarian values of Debrecen and Hajdú – Bihar county. Thus it is worth and reasonable to study the roots and history of honey cake making and especially Debrecen style honey cake making, as well as the future perspectives of the profession. The evolution process of honey cake as a traditional open air market product to its many current forms was long and exciting. Operation of the National Value Pyramid, history of honey cake making was investigated and honey cake makers working in Debrecen and Hajdú – Bihar County are introduced in the present paper. The efforts of the Folk Art Association of Hajdú – Bihar County have been summarised, including how it promotes the honey cake – with its thousand year tradition – to remain a popular product and how it supports its members. While innovation is always a key issue for professionals, ensuring that this product is made of (traditional) healthy ingredients stays popular are the foci of Hungarian honey cake makers.

Keywords: folk art, traditions, honey cake, commerce


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/2019/1/8