9. The labor market context of physical activity

Gottfried Péter

The issue of the sustainability of health care is increasingly present in public finance debates. The concerns of nations are rising health costs, an aging population, and increasing consumption of health services. The health status of the population is not only an important factor for economic growth, but also has a direct and indirect impact on tax revenues and labor market participation. The main objective of my research was to explore the impact of health expenditure on the labor market. In my study, I’ve focused on the potential labor market effects of physical activity Physival activity plays a significant role in health promotion. Physical activity improves individual’s physical abilities, including increase productivity, endurance and more effective teamwork. These factors are not only increase labor productivity, but also positively influence labor market participants and invidual employee return. I’ve been used secondary data collection during my research. The used applied method was the literature analysis. which based on domestic and international sources. The research was based on results of primary and secondary researches has carried out, in the member states of the European Union. Based on the litriture sources, I’ve found that, health can have a significant impact on labor productivity and labor supply. Health promotion contributes significantly to the success of the labor market. Physical activity, be it sport or recreation, positively influences the health of the individual’s, which is one of the key factors in returning to the labor market

Keywords: health expenditure, health promotion, physical activity, labor market

JEL: I15, J24


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/20/2/9