9. Goat keeping, goat milk production, importance and consumption of goat milk products with regional outlook

Csapó Zsolt, Csapóné Riskó Tünde

Goat milk production is a dynamic and continuously expanding branch, which determines the life of millions of people. Goat milk and the cheese made from it, was venerated in ancient Egypt, with some Pharaohs supposedly placing these foods among the other treasures in their burial tombs. Goat milk and manufactured goat milk products play significant role in human nutrition. Starving and malnourished people in the developing world consume more goat milk than cow milk. Goat milk plays an important role in the treatment of certain health problems. The gastronomic needs of connoisseur and health conscious consumers, which is a growing market share in many developed countries, can be met by goat milk and manufactured goat milk products. The aim of our study is to review the most relevant international and Hungarian studies, overview the regional situation of (dairy) goat breeding, goat milk production and consumption as well as the nutritional benefits of goat milk and manufactured goat milk products to human health.

Keywords: goat milk-products, human nutrition, trends


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/2019/1/9