12. Qualitative study of customer and consumer behaviour towards spas and balneo cosmetics in the Central Hungarian region through own model development

Amberg Nóra

The starting point for the presentation of the topic indicated in the title of the study is the use of spas in Central Hungary (mainly belonging to Budapest Spas cPlc.) and the purchase and consumption of balneo cosmetics (especially the Budapest Spas product family, which is Budapest Spas cPlc.’s balneo cosmetics family). Description of a theoretical model describing the system of relations between the influencing factors – built on the basis of literature and secondary sources. The practical significance of the topic covered through the theoretical concept is primarily the return to naturalness, in terms of the topic, to medicinal water and the purchase and use of cosmetics made from medicinal water ingredients. Following the presentation of the theoretical model, the research model concept is described, the factors of which have been supplemented with new determinants by the qualitative research results. The research model concept was developed by interpreting the results of two-phase qualitative data collection. The objectives (and outcomes) associated with the surveys were as follows. (1) With the help of online content monitoring (n = 50) the main factors of buying and consuming balneo cosmetics were identified. (2) With the help of individual research interviews (n = 20) the validity of the theoretical model was examined and the use of balneo, the main variables of the purchase and consumption of cosmetics were explored, highlighting the identification of consumer grouping directions that focus on consciously spent leisure time, health awareness and recreation. This publication focuses on the presentation of model development and key qualitative research findings.

Keywords: spas, balneo cosmetics, purchasing, consumption, recreation

JEL code: M31


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/21/2/12