12. Sustainment of local public transport

Tóth Szabolcs

Nowadays with cities becoming more crowded the growing ratio of public transport users is a  highly important measure in the protection of our environment and the reduction of air pollution. This generates the approach that the service should become more and more user friendly, which assumes the aim of providing easy and flexible access to public transport, as an alternative in comparison with other individual travel options.The transport service fees paid by the public transport passengers by itself does not enable the service to be sustainable, because prices cannot be raised above a certain level due to the price sensitivity factor of consumers and alternative transportation solutions. In Hungary, just as in other countries of the world, the sustainability of public transportation requires a variable ratio of financial support. In order to keep the service maintainable, the support of the local governments and national governments are both essential, although the ratio can significantly differ in the Hungarian cities.

Keywords: local public transport; transportation alternatives; fare revenue; subsidy; sustainability

JEL codes: R00, R28, R48, R49


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/21/1/12