4. The tendency to overestimate one’s own skills among young football players

Gottfried Péter

In today’s sport the mental preparation’s role is emerging in addition to physical training   Sports psychology is being implemented and applied widely both in invidiual and team sports. From the athletes perspective one of the most important factor is that they have the right and valid self-knowledge as their performance is highly affected by this input. The main objective of my research was to reveal the self assessment attributes among the young football players. The children performed three tasks during the research; juggling, passing on gymnastics bench and then reaching the finish line after dribbling of slalom were shown. My hypotesis is that the children tend to overestimate their performance and skills before performing tasks.

I’ve been used primary data collection during my research. The used applied analytical method was the one sample t-test; based on this method, we can say that the underestimation have had a higher rate when measuring juggling (which contradict to the hypotesis) while the children overestimated their performance in the slalom and the passing tasks (in these two tasks we can confirm the hypotesis).

Keywords: Self-esteem, Performance, Junior footballers, Sport psychology


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/2019/1/4