5. The Beginnings of the Hungarian Disciplinary Liability of Public Service in the Dualism

Sallai Balázs

The subject of this paper focuses on the hungarian regulation of the  disciplinary law of the civil service in Dualism, in particular how the dogmatic elements of this legal institution evolved, developed and expanded in the 19th century. It is also important to know that this process because the disciplinary procedure we know today – and especially its many aspects of warranty – came into being at this time, but not without any professional debate. The research focuses on the administrative area of Debrecen and the enforcement and application of disciplinary law describing the disciplinary procedure of 23rd Act of 1886 through a case. (This act regulated the disiplinary procedure between 1886 and 1929). In addition to what has already been described, the ’rudimentary’ definitions of the public service relationship is also presented as a mentioned placement of the liability system of the civil service, and containing public service disciplinary liability. Moreover this paper present the disiplinary system’ s essence based on the 42nd Act of 1870 and 7th Act of 1876.

Keywords: Dualism, legal history, administrative law, liability system of civil service, disciplinary proceedings

JEL: K39


DOI: 10.30716/RSZ/20/1/5